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24 ways to impress your friends

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corianda rocklein

This seems like a great approach for prototyping very basic sites like blogs and simple 5-page sites. For more complex online experiences that will incorporate motion, FLA, video, etc.; those require collaboration between teams of UX designers, developers, and interactive designers, etc. Photoshop is still the best tool for designing mock-ups for complex sites – although it could benefit greatly from some built-in simple prototyping tools to allow for better communication between teams. For now, I just rely heavily on layer comps to show interaction changes.

And PS gives you so much more control over the subtle design elements that differentiate one experience from another, whereas relying only on CSS leaves you with a mostly templated-looking design.

Also, I find the PS interface to be almost second-nature. I’ve been an interactive designer for several years and it’s never been a running joke that PS crashes all the time. You probably need more processing power in your machine.