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24 ways to impress your friends

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@Joseph Sims

“‘Web designers’ as a designer differs from other designers in the fact that they design for a medium based in code… if a web designer doesn’t know how to code, I question whether that should be their title”

I didn’t say designers should not know “how to code”. However, in my opinion, realistically a good web designer will use an image editor first because they want to achieve a level of detail and balance that would be inefficient to try and create from scratch in HTML. Again, an architect doesn’t go out and start plonking bricks around in his backyard. Just because HTML is very easy to write doesn’t mean it’s a good starting point for design.

On the “all web designers need to code” argument, should they know HTML or .net or PHP or Rails or whatever language? I think it’s better to be really good at one aspect of creating a website than average at a lot of things.