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24 ways to impress your friends

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Wonderful article. Useful descriptions.
However. I disagree with some points.

I have never been into designing with Photoshop. I always found it too much trouble when it came to adapting the original design to the customers wishes. Instead I usually go with Illustrator.
It gives me the freedom to design whatever I see fit, even it cannot be expressed in code right away, and then lets me easily redesign every single aspect of the design without much trouble.

Crash-prone like Photoshop? Yes. But my left hand seems to do the save command every two minutes or so without me even knowing about it, so that never turned out to be a problem.

Why do I still keep working like that?

I don’t know. Probably it’s because I am not much of a coder to begin with. But more likely it is because during the (graphic) design process I don’t want to limit myself to what can be achieved using CSS. If it can’t be done, no matter. I will find a way to work around that later.

It is a little bit like composing a song by writing the notation down on paper versus sitting down with an instrument you play really well and see what happens.