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Jeff Croft

I am so completely baffled as to why this “designing in the browser” business seems to be such a polarizing topic. It’s really very simple: some people are extremely comfortable with markup and CSS, and others are extremely comfortable with Photoshop or another image editing tool. Obviously, working with the tool you’re most comfortable with is going to be faster for you.

So please, can we cut out the “I can not believe you think CSS is faster than Photoshop!” and “How dare you suggest Photoshop is faster than code!” BS and recognize that different people are more efficient using different tools, and both methodologies are capable of producing great end results?

Meagan presented a method that works for her, and that’s awesome. If Photoshop works for you, that’s awesome, too. And if you can produce great results with Microsoft Paint, then rock on, sister.

Tools do not a web designer make.