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  1. Chris Arnold

    I agree with Rob’s comment on this topic. It seems to be a perfect-world scenario where budgets and timelines aren’t an issue. The practicality is off base.

    1. What if you display 2-3 design directions to clients? Mock ‘em all up like this?
    2. What about interior pages? That would mean 5-10 coded pages. All for a mockup?
    3. Are client-driven changes made on the fly in code? To that point, is the design developed on the fly, or is there a separate Photoshop mockup for that?

    I know there’s a lot of “Hooray” for this article, and don’t get me wrong – it’s well-displayed for those that can work like this. Yet, perhaps aside from a few folks in ideal rockstar positions, this seems impractical on the whole.