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24 ways to impress your friends

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Jeff Chasin

I’m not a professional designer. Not going to weigh in on any religious debates of prototyping in Axure vs. mockups in whatever tool you like best.

I subscribe to 24ways to learn, find some good resources and maybe be entertained in the process. Say what you want about the merits or pitfalls of using markup for mocking up, but I’ll speak for the not-a-design-guru and generally-interested-in-learning-more segment of your readership: Meagan’s a rockstar. You should get her to write more articles here. Before she’s too famous and busy.

An easy to read, entertaining, well written article, with a great little tutorial AND she manages to bash the ex-girlfriend, use “hot, steaming pile of crap” and “buzzkill” in a really endearing way? Love that.

You may not totally agree with the design philosophy, or the described methods of “decoration”, but IMHO this is one great piece of writing.