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24 ways to impress your friends

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Nick Toye

Two issues really for me and where I have to work to bring home the bacon.

1. Photoshop has maybe crashed once twice in the whole of 2009.

2. My bosses don’t see designing in a browser the way to go because it’s not how they do things.

I can try and show them this article, some of Andy’s articles, and it will always come down to the same old thing – Internet Explorer.

Now in my personal business I would quite happily take this route I really would, but then I am in touch with the client face to face, in my day job I’m 2 or 3 people away – and these people don’t understand.

Now I also know it’s my job to educate them on such matters – but that’s not always possible.

It’s a great idea for forward thinking companies, and a real time saver – but I have no doubt it will be dismissed out of hand in an instant.

And that makes me feel sad. Maybe 2010 will be different.