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24 ways to impress your friends

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Really, really good read.

I just got all excited about this. Content as an afterthought has been a bugbear of mine for years. Added to this, there’s always something wrong with whatever wire-framing tool you’re using (it won’t do this or that properly).

This approach goes a v long way towards fixing both of these issues.

I’m no designer so I can’t comment on the efficiency/right tool for the job debate. But, I do deal with clients a lot so I thought about one of our clients and wondered whether this approach would work with them.

They are a 20,000 strong, public/private partnership that do cool things with aeroplanes! We work, for the most part, with their comms department who were in charge of their re-branding (Wolff Olins 06) and are a knowledgeable, up-to-speed bunch.

Their IT department upgraded them to IE7 this year. They cannot download any other browsers.

Therefore, even though they don’t have huge committees signing off designs, they wouldn’t be able to see what was being proposed.

But, maybe they’re the exception? Well, sadly no. From the top 20 in my current list of clients maybe 2 would be allowed to download a non-IE browser. And then only by request.

I don’t want to pour water on this because (as already stated) I’m very much behind anything that promotes bringing content to the table first but, until the IE elephant in the room is dealt with effectively I can’t see how this approach could be adopted for mainstream work.

I wonder how I am going to be insulted? ;-)

Oh… and thanks for yet another wonderful 24ways! Cheers.