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  1. Mike Kus

    Great read Meagan :)

    Personally I love Photoshop but I do leave it for HTML and CSS at the soonest opportunity.

    The thing with the Photoshop V HTML CSS debate is that it’s seems clear to me that they both have different strengths in the design process at different times. For me it’s not so much a question of either or but one of when and how. When is it most appropriate to use a certain tool?…and How do I get the most out of that tool?

    I think the most important question a designer should be asking themselves at the end of a project is: Did I design a great website and was the client happy? If the answer is yes and you’re were happy with your design process, whatever that may be, well that’s cool.

    I think Cameron Moll hit the nail on the head.

    Thanks for a great article :)