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Andrew Urquhart

A few months ago I had to implement something similar for my place of work (sorry, closed source). This used ordinary forms and hyperlinks and a DOM walker attached to the onload event. When the DOM walker found a form with a custom class attribute on it it attached an onsubmit handler. Submitting the form caused the handler function to hijack the form submission. All of the successful controls in the form were parsed, URL encoded and assembled into keys and values and submitted to the original form action URI, but as a HTTP request instead. A hidden input field indicated the element id to populate with the result.

A similar mechanism for hyperlinks used structured rel attribute values that worked in a similar way, except that it allowed you to submit hyperlinks (with querystrings) by AJAX POST (as well as GET) requests and include space for application/x-www-form-urlencoded POST data! More about this at