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24 ways to impress your friends

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Lewis Cowles (@LewisCowles1)

It’s actually a fantastic article, although there are a few nibbly bits I would have to disagree with, like MAMP Pro… The main content and message is solid, and I suppose underlines the following sentiment I express to new starters at my business and certain clients that appreciate my cheek.

“There is little low-hanging fruit that has not been visited during dog walks, be considerate, get a team of professionals to avoid upset or leaving a bad taste…”


“In 1994 we lost Kurt Cobain and got the world wide web as a weird consolation prize.” #Amazing. I Could not sum up 1994 any better, and althought I was 8, I think we should petition for 1994 to be reduced to just this bit of news

Perhaps another thing that could be mentioned is know when to be dynamic, and when to serve flat files. With the advent of services like Disqus, most blogs can do without the overhead of not serving static core-content focusing on the business-end more than the technical wizzardary!