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Jason Grigsby

Thank you for this article. I had my own battle with posture-related elbow pain. It was originally misdiagnosed as tennis elbow. I spent a lot of time treating the wrong issues.

The only thing I would add to your article is I found it incredibly important to find the right physical therapist who can diagnose your pain properly.

I was referred to one physical therapist and was making progress until I saw the first bill and realized their weren’t on my insurance plan. I bailed and went to the physical therapist on the plan and while I was spending less, I wasn’t making any progress.

I finally went back to the original physical therapist and because it had been so long, I was moved to a senior therapist. I think of him as sort of like the physical therapist version of House, but with much better bedside manner.

I realized that there was a big difference between physical therapists who are trained on how to treat a known issue and those who can figure out the root cause of a problem.

I’m fine with the former treating me for an ankle sprain or recovery from surgery, but for anyone dealing with RSI, I highly recommend finding a physical therapist who spends time looking at your whole body instead of simply treating your symptoms.