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Alex Charchar

Thanks for this Carolyn, it’s a wonderful reminder and reinforces some conversations we’ve been having in the studio.

I’ve recently moved to a standing desk and cannot recommend it enough, if someone’s situation allows for it.

I made the move for all the health reasons that have been talked about a lot on sites like Lifehacker. I was really surprised by how quickly I was able to adapt to a standing desk, just switching to a tall chair when my muscles would get too tired. After a few weeks I hardly use the chair at all.

Benefits have been huge – pain in arms and back are mostly gone after years of constantly having to rub my shoulder and arms when I’d get home.

But most exciting for me was the new energy I ended up with. Instead of having a mid-afternoon energy slump that I’d fight with coffee of sugar, I’m finding I can focus and keep moving all through the afternoon.

Cannot stress enough how much small margins make big difference. An Oh&s specialist visited and mentioned my keyboard was about an inch lower than it should be, given my height.

We adjusted it and realised that my wrists had been in pain that I had become so accustomed to that I hardly noticed it any more. She mentioned that if I ignored something like that for a few years I’d end up with major wrist problems.

It’s a topic that gets skimmed over for more exciting things, but if we don’t take our health seriously, we won’t be able to do those exciting things for as long as we’d like.

Thanks again!