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Andy Clarke

@Kevin Cannon “Using a technical tool for the early design process completely closes your mind to potential design solutions. This is a very good method if you just want to knock out something basic. However, if you want to innovate, it’s doing it all backwards.”

— Where I come from, they would would call that ‘tripe’.

Markup and CSS are not technical tools and are as much a part of a designers toolkit as bezier curves and clipping paths. Maintaining this false dichotomy of skills and tools is one of the reasons why so much money and time is wasted, even today when we should know better.

Although it won’t suit every designer, client or project (what can?), when a great designer makes a mockup in markup (and CSS), they are never limited to “knock out something basic”.

You are right on one thing, (“Use the right tool for the right job”). But you’re about as wrong as you could be on the rest.