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24 ways to impress your friends

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Alan the Houser

sigh another commenter, buried amongst the drivel.

I’m on the fence here.

I want to give you hi-5’s in your forward-thinking design approach… from a consulting standpoint anyways. This would work in small teams, where you’re “THE DESIGN DUDE

However, being employed as a UI designer on a UX team, I say SHUSH to you. When working with a team of developers and project managers, I would think it to be IMPOSSIBLE to code things in advance. Not only would every developer peek under the hood to find fault, but the current software development convention of WIREFRAME => REQUIREMENT => HIGHER-FIDELITY UI COMP => BUSINESS SIGN-OFF => FRONT-END DEVELOPER => DEVELOPER works very well.

We don’t draw pretty pictures to impress PM’s. We don’t draw flattened comps to look pixel-perfect. We draw partly-sussed-out concepts to better visualize what’s to be built — so everyone can get an idea BEFORE it’s coded.

Again, I LOOOVE this idea for a small boutique shop.