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24 ways to impress your friends

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Ok the client wants a website, why the heck would you ever show them something in PS or even the napkin sketch, that’s a million miles from the final output, “a browser.”

Of course Scribble out the design on paper or even do this scribbling in a pixel editor ( I assumed Andy had done this – unless he is that amazing he can design in his head or in pure code!) but then really nail out the design in the right output – the browser. I am sure there is some ludicrous illustration that gets my idea over better. Probably involves a iPod and a Cinema.

I’d also rather the visitors get the content and the best way to do that is with web standards.

I was ‘hired’ to do some code as the designer was impressed with my clean and clear markup and css, the big problem was he had designed something to be pixel perfect and the client expected it to work in all browsers in exactly the same way.

You know what, I don’t want to learn to hack a bad browser, I’d rather work for other clients. I spent so much time hacking for IE and then trying to ensure W3C was ok which drove me nuts.

Why wouldn’t any web designers not want to push forward standards ? Again I am sure there is some print based illustration about having to put up with a bad printer just because of market share, talk about slow down progression and innovation.

Who knows if my comment makes any sense ! Keep it up Andy.

I was going to make a joke about Adobe making a browser but then I got the fear and stopped myself !