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Kevin Rapley

@Joseph S. – I am not entirely following why you describe designers as being stagnated by laying out design work in PSD/AI format rather than in HTML/CSS. Please correct me if I am getting the wrong end of the stick, I am known to do so.

I read a very good book recently by 24ways author Elliot Jay-Stocks on producing sexy web design. In this he describes some fantastic ways to use Photoshop tools such as layer comps and other very nice bits ‘n bobs that PS has to offer. This is just another method, another set of tools and another way to go about web design. I would be shocked to hear this approach be described as stagnated. In fact, using layer comps and smart objects and well maintained layers, designs can be very quick. Quicker than producing design work and then writing HTML/CSS for some designers.

Not that fast in Photoshop, Illustrator and other graphics packages? Get faster.

I like how this is a marmite post with a lot of agreeing and disagreeing. It is healthy to have different tools for different occassions.