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Andy Clarke

Back from the cheese shop. You lot make me smile. Funny. I didn‘t mention ‘designing in a browser’ in this one, not specifically. But if you think it‘s a good idea…

Here’s another secret. I part-designed Mike and Sam’s site in Fireworks…

Designing using Photoshop, Fireworks, Powerpoint or pencils can be just as important a part of process as HTML and CSS.

The most important point for me is that showing a client those visuals (complete with shadows, rounded corners etc.) immediately sets an often unrealistic expectation that the finished result will include those elements even in older browsers. To then achieve those effects can be time-consuming, therefore more expensive and most certainly at the expense of optimised code. That is why I never show clients static visuals.

Instead, I take a few hours to code up the key templates in HTML and CSS. The time I use up here is gained back ten-fold in savings across the project. That’s why I do not buy the argument that my process takes longer.

When changes are needed, they take, well, MINUTES to accomplish and are often made with a client sitting next to me. This also helps to avoid the backwards and forwards process of trial and error in client approval. Clients love this process because they feel more a part of it.