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24 ways to impress your friends

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This is something I feel strongly about. Designing the best design for the best browser, and then slowly degrade for the crappy browsers, until when someone is using IE6 a warning just pops up telling them, they are scum and since so they have no right to look at the work you have done, until they redeem themselves by getting a life and a better browser, Now SORT IT!

Design should be the best it can possibly be. It’s like imagine having a Blu-Ray that plays the best in the best equipment, but if you had a DVD player it worked in there too, but at a lesser quality. If the person bitched about their crapper beta-max style quality at the end of the line, and you said, hey you can get a great new Blu-Ray player FOR FREE!!! They would love you, tell them to upgrade satan’s browser and you get the huff’s and puff’s of disaproval. In that case, then look at the CRAPPY VERSION!!
lol – Sorry, I have issues at work and people using IE6 – :(

Anyway, great article, thanks again Andy. Have a biscuit on me! ;)