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24 ways to impress your friends

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Niels Matthijs

(Me:) No. IE uses very old technology. I can hack the site to use lots of images and other things, but that will likely slow the site down for everyone. Plus it means that I will tie the HTML to the visual layout, making the site less flexible (and expensive) to update in the future.

Sounds like covering up a half lie with another half lie. Apart from those few wrapper elements the site won’t be slower at all, and wrapper elements don’t have an impact on future flexibility. Again, the lack of complete honesty will likely hurt your relationship with the client later on.

Another interesting issue is how to adapt design changes in the code. Those who write css regularly know that going from design A to B will often leads to the shortest route rather than the best solution.

And finally, I also understand Mathias Bynens’ remark. I myself do only front-end coding. I don’t design. Can’t do it, never will. Sounds like a lot of overhead to present a live mockup to a client.