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24 ways to impress your friends

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Wow, this is sooo cool – I will defo use these ideas in my next blog redesign/brothers lama farm website. THX so much!

Just one small question though – surely designs NEED to look the same in all browsers – I bought a book and have read loads of blog posts which tell me this and feel unable to move past these and adopt any new practices.

As far as I’m concerned, CSS3 may as well not exist until IE6 fully supports every module – only then will I feel safe enough to start implementing it fully on my designs.

Lastly, I have one last question – what is the difference between designing in the browsers and designing in PS? What is PS? Is it an updated version of Paint I haven’t seen? I personally design on paper -> Paint -> IE.

I hate IE5 on the Mac! Death to IE5!

Ok, enough silly talk.

Basically people, you just need to start communicated with your clients and educate them about browser inconsistencies – remember that content is king and the design is there to supplement this, not to be the one thing seen when a user visits a site. Communicate and educate, don’t just take the easy line and get stuck in existing habits.

If you love your job, you’ll want to learn and move forward. If you don’t want to learn, maybe your hearts not in it any-more.