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24 ways to impress your friends

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Nikita Sumeiko

When I read this post, I was surprised with a solution to show the client not a design sketch (I mean as a picture), but real browser overview.
So, if the client surfs the Internet in IE, designer should provide his sketch overview like IE displays. But, if the client works in Safari, the sketch should look like Safari displays, shouldn’t it? And so on…

I think, it’s a great idea to show our clients the true result, not just a picture. By this way clients would respect us for more, because of our transparency and honestly. And they love to work with honest guys!

However, there’s an important question about sketches preparation: if a web designer works on some variations of designs and would like to show a number of sketches (as it usually happen) to the client, how he should prepare them?
Not just a picture, but sliced HTML and CSS?!