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Kevin Rapley

I think this is a great tip for smaller outfits and freelancers, however I work for a 70 strong agency and the clients are very savvy when it comes to rendering in different browsers. They will often check in a number of browsers and on a range of operating systems. Also in my experience Mike and Sam will be in the same room looking over the same computer screen when we send over visuals or present them to the client.

With the complexity of some of the websites we build, which cater for financial institutes and public sector web applications, providing visuals in HTML and CSS would take too long and be far too ‘set in stone’. We take a user-centred approach which involves plenty of iteration throughout the life cycle of IA, UX, design, prototyping and build. The approach we take is to explicitly detail in the functional specification what you will and won’t get – one of those being how IE will render differently without rounded corners and whatever else CSS3 goodness we apply.

Andy, have you had many clients requiring a large re-work when you have presented visuals for first time in HTML/CSS? Has this caused any problems with time and budget?