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24 ways to impress your friends

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Nikita Sumeiko

I thought about your article a little bit and found it really positive. The idea of looking for a perfect projects that could provide you with filling happiness is the real way to live.

Moreover, I’d like to add, that a lot of people in nowadays doesn’t understand exactly what they honestly want from everyday’s job, and that is why they are unhappy. Many understands job as a habit, which everyone do day by day. For others job is just connected with money making. But where are a real goals, which could warm up the soul?!

As an example, I’d like to bring yourself, Jina. You’re very focused person, as I see so far. And you’ve got a strong goals – to get happiness from your everyday’s work flow, if I’m not mistaken. I think, such an ambitious goals is a very important thing to understand (it concerns everybody), because when you’ve goals, you know where to go to archive this goals someday.

So, to my mind, your article is very good for people who know what really they needs, but if they don’t I just suggest to think about goals they would like to archive from usual work? Just to imagine a happy future and jump into building it by doing stuff you write in this article!

Thanks again.