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Andrew Crookston

On your first three paragraphs I had a very interesting conversation with my parents earlier tonight about royalty payment.
Let’s start with your quote:

“I’m talking about our success. We work and work and work. Shouldn’t we be filthy, stinking rich?”

Then think (I know we’re not in the music biz but) think, what are we doing every day? We are creative, designing and creating exceptional work. Some people (quite a few on this site) are leading in the area of web DESIGN.
While a lot of DESIGNers or artists get payed for a painting or a piece of art, why aren’t web designers payed in the same way?
Why don’t we get royalty for our designwork? It’s displayed and republished millions of times (more than music is) in some cases.

How about paying web designers a royalty fee? ;)

Or.. If we should bring the music biz down from their pedestals, what gives them the right to be do 3days of work and get payed for it the rest of their lives (+70years)? Aren’t they just like us, creating something for others to enjoy.