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24 ways to impress your friends

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Stewart McCoy

I’m curious about the graphic at the end of the article comparing the letter ‘g’ between the different typefaces chosen for your font stack.

First, should the Meta Serif imposed over the Lucida Bright be more opaque with an opacity similar to the letters imposed over the other two typefaces?

Second, I respect your typographic knowledge and I do not consider myself by any means a typographic expert, not even an amateur, but as far as I can tell by your example, when comparing the letter ‘g’, Meta Serif appears to most closely match Cambria and not Lucida Bright. So, in the font stack, I would move Cambria into the second position after Meta Serif.

All the same, a well-considered article. I’m a new reader at 24ways and I consider the publication on par with ALA. Excellently written and designed.