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24 ways to impress your friends

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Derek Anderson

Thanks for the great article Mark,

The FOUT is a problem when you base your design around the text sizing, spacing and placement. For instance even if your substitute fonts match up pretty closely in style from one letter like in your example ‘g’, you need to take into consideration the spacing between all the letters, unless the font is monospaced, of course.

You can manually remove letters that you know you won’t ever be using, from the font files themselves such as Jonathan Snook and others have done to try to combat the file size and FOUT.

this is a good read on some of the ins and outs of @font-face:

I’d like to see the operating systems, Windows Mac and Linux all getting quality fonts as default. It’d maybe be worth creating a donate to the ‘web fonts for all’ fund, and get the world to chip in (like wikipedia does wink). The idea would be to raise enough funds to pay the font developers to allow them to include their fonts into all operating systems.

anyway i’m getting off on a tangent,