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  1. Tim Van Damme

    @all: Thanks!
    @Ben Bodien: I think we’ll see a switch from jQuery to CSS animations in the next couple of years.
    @Eric: That’s where you’ll see the difference between good designers, and great designers.
    @Philip Renich: Like I said, it’s like clipping masks in Photoshop. Imagine clipping a black square onto the spinner PNG.
    @Todd Austin: Safari on Windows and Chrome on Mac are having some render problems with it it seems.
    @Cool Moe D: How can we ever evolve if no one pushes the limits?
    @Ryan Seddon: What Andy Clarke said.
    @Samual Linde: That’s a great idea, didn’t think of that!
    @Jack: “Fun” is the whole reason I wrote this article :)
    @Andy Clarke: Thanks for clarifying.
    @Steffenbew: In my opinion, everything that is styling belongs in the CSS. JS is for additional functionality.
    @Tony Arnold: The more people start using CSS animations, the more browser makers will start looking into performance issues. Have faith :)
    @Andrew Hedges: Haven’t seen that bug yet…
    @Niels Matthijs: Why so sad? A life without dreams isn’t worth living you know.