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Drew McLellan

I firmly believe it’s a rotten idea to remove the link to the current section. Two reasons:-

Firstly, if the user has clicked on that link already, they’ve learned that it’s a link. If they go back there again – under whatever context – and it’s still there but now isn’t a link, that’s just going to be confusing and frustrating.

Secondly, there are lots of occasions whereby the user may want to navigate back up to the top of the section they’re currently in. Regardless of any other ways there may be to do this from within the page structure, the method they already know and are familiar with is that main navigation link that they followed in the first place. See point 1.

Sure, go ahead and style the current section differently – this is an important visual aid to help the user understand where they are in the site – but don’t remove the link, it serves zero benefit to do so.