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24 ways to impress your friends

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Mike Kus

Thanks for all your comments guys :)

Hi Chris,
I think I mentioned the browser canvas analogy in my article :)

Hi Damon,
I’m taking it for granted that as web designers we’ll always take into consideration the user’s ability to use the site.
Thanks for the comment :)

What makes you think if we all try something new and original our work will look all the same in the end? My ‘new and original’ will no doubt be completely to your ‘new and original’.

Good point… but on this occasion I wanted to avoid website imagery because the article is partly about finding inspiration away from the web.


Thanks :)

Thanks for your comment.
I’m taking it for granted that as a professional and experienced web designer you won’t be breaking conventions for the sake of it. I’m just trying to make the point that we have the opportunity to challenge these if we want. Plus, I wouldn’t suggest you break a well followed convention unless your solution was at least as good as or if not better!

Also, It’s obvious that there are more appropriate times than others to be pushing these boundaries… I think everyone understands this.

+ What Drew said :)

nicely put :)