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Kevin Rapley

@trovster admittedly I breezed over the jQuery explanation as I am not familar with writing javascript, sorry about that, my bad.

At this time I have to agree with Pieman, the classes are too presentational for my liking. Although great for rapid prototyping, I would not allow (nor would my colleagues) these classes in the kinds of websites that we build.

I disagree that these classes are required for a large scale build to maintain cohesion. I build websites for financial institutes, public sector agencies and large private sector brands. I never use these types of classes for these builds as I don’t deem them as being semantically written.

The stylesheets are large by not using such classes, but I write stylesheets that are well commented and structured in such a way that everything is easily located and written logically. I find problems never arise and cohesion is maintained.

I would be interested to have a bit of a stylesheet comparison with you at a multipack meetup in the new year if you’re game? I think your method certainly has a place and I am probably not seeing the whole picture at the moment.