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24 ways to impress your friends

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@Kevin Rapley; I don’t understand your logic about large-scale production websites and reusable code. It’s large-scale websites which require reusable code the most. Reusable classes (whether you agree with the multiple OOP/DRY class method described in the article or not) are the only way to build large scale websites. Sure, you have IDs for the main sections and for markers throughout the content, but it’s the classes you will style to maintain cohesion and keep the style across a lot of content – that, and as you mentioned, well-formed semantic HTML.

I think you’ve mis-understood my article. I am not apply these classes through jQuery. These classes are on the IMG itself and are being used by the JavaScript. I also describe what happens when JavaScript is disabled, that is the starting point. I also justify the method I have chosen and state an alternative. The JavaScript is completely unobtrusive and the outcome is a good example of progressive enhancement.