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Dustin Diaz

Molly, I think you’ve touched on a subject that it alone stands by itself within web development. I can see how a web development company can spend all its time on just “Internationalizing”.

As for the masses, it’s been pushed aside (myself included) because we don’t care about any other audience then our own local environment.

You hit it right on when developers ask themselves “What character set do I use?” and that’s the extent of our work on internationalizing.

Color usage, component placement, photos…those are all super important and go beyond a developers scope. I’d be willing to say, developers just don’t know how to do that! By all means, you need a cultural anthropologist to nail that correctly.

Aside from the Yahoo! China deal that happened not too long ago (the story where we looked bad), The China Team has really been doing an excellent job on making Yahoo! an excellent portal to the web. They’ve done what it takes with many months and years of research and testing to make a good internationalized website. Hats off to them.

The BBC website as you’ve pointed out is also a great example. Just comparing the two next to each other shows that someone had Intl in mind.

Great thoughts Molly! I hope this topic goes beyond just the 9th day of advent