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  1. Sequoia McDowell

    @Brice: when you concatenate all the files you output them as “builtJs.js” or something (jquery, carousel & your js all together) then point your html script link to the builtJs- just one link. Building again updates buildJs.js and you don’t touch the HTML

    @Owen: “The tasks typically run unix commands like git, cat, ls, coffee, and naturally the node functions .. exec all over the place.”

    You should definitely be using Grunt- exec all over the place is a bad sign- there are node.js apis to do most of this. Alternately you could just update your cakefile to leverage the node apis (see: http://nodejs.org/api/ ) and keep using cake if it works for you. Grunt has the benefit of lots of plugins

    Author: The gruntfile you link to as “the complete file” does not contain most of what’s in this article. Did you update the boilerplate gruntfile & remove stuff? Might be useful to link to the old, full version if so.