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Per Wiklander

As some of the previous commenters have said, it is frustrating to look for information, mostly technical documentation in my case, that might be relevant or not at all, depending on the date it was published. A clear time stamp would help here (preferably at the top of the page).

What would be even better is if the contents creator would take the time to actually mark the content as outdated when new information has become available. Not seldom I read a long article on one technical subject or an other, that actually has a recent date, only to see in comment #312 that it is not correct or no longer relevant.

I’m almost thinking of creating something like (I made that URL up now) which would let people submit pages with a short comment describing why the content at that URL is outdated or actually dangerous. I guess a Firefox plugin could then use this information to display a warning message on the outdated page when visited. If the service actually tried to contact the content author it would be even better.