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Harry Pujols

My workflow includes constantly working with Codekit, MAMP, Gitbox and Transmit. I was hoping Grunt would be a neat replacement for all of it, but the advantages of working with a GUI outweigh the platform-agnostic, extremely customizable features of Grunt.

Grunt is a great idea, but it needs a GUI. Codekit is no longer the only game in town. There is Prepros (which, I wish, didn’t look so Windows 8-ish on a Mac), Mixture, Hammer, and simpler ones like Crunch and Compass App. They are only getting better, and I’m sure that future IDEs are going to support similar features.

Thanks to a few tutorials like this, I was able to start a simple project with Grunt, but for complex setups, I find Codekit much faster, and easier.