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24 ways to impress your friends

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Winnie Shek

Firstly thanks for sharing this Chris, i’m sure it took a mountain of courage to face things head on and then to write about it is an entirely different feat.

Speaking only as a recent graduate on my way home from the airport from my 4 month placement in Berlin this was very enlightening as most of the things you’ve talked about I had been deliberating in my head particularly more so while I’ve been away the last few months. It may be presumptious for me to feel this way since I haven’t really worked in the industry that long in comparison to you and all the other guys other there. However since I’ve been thinking about the future and what my plans are I’ve been plagued with the question “am I doing this because I like it” or “do I just want to seem productive and successful” am I actually truly creative or did I just want to seem creative”. It seems that with the abundance of creative people and work out there that I’ve lost my own design voice and opinion. So to counter this for my new year resolution I intend to keep a journal, not to record the daily occurrences since that’s what a calendar’s for but for self reflection, what I did that I liked, hated, could’ve done better etc. I think that these are the things that we should ask ourselves daily to grow as a person.

Also it was reassuring to know that that its not only me that feels like a imposter sometimes and that there’s actually a term for it.

Thank you for sharing and apologies for my rambles.