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Wonderful article – and great feedback in the thread. I know this is probably a “cobweb” post – but I want to interject to the “websites must look same in all browsers” issue.

I am a front end designer, back end developer and I wear many hats as an admin. My background is print publishing and advertising – having moved into web design/development in 1993.

Through all my years working on websites, I’ve watched as browsers from all over manage to mangle our code. Its given me no amount of grief working at getting my sites to work in browser a, b and c in the minimalist uniform way. As far back as 1993 I’ve lamented over work done for netscape (in present time – mozilla type browsers), only to watch as ie would get all warped. Yeh, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of microsoft….

CSS came to my rescue – and I’ve coded beautiful web spaces. I’ve become quite popular in gaming circles as a site designer – but in the professional world, still the demand is for sites that “…function and look the same all over…” – particularly for my international customers. That is the bane of any “professional” designer/developer with international clients – or even with localized clients.

EG: Designed ecommerce site for beautiful usability in FF3, only to have IE6 users (particularly the company president) complain that things are misaligned or even missing! How many work-arounds I can code in a day!

Overall – I have to agree with others in the comment thread about the twinge of emotion when I hear colleagues say that designs are EXPECTED to be different from browser to browser, platform to platform. If the SRD requires uniformity due to corporate demands, then by all mean… if we want to get paid, we better put out.

… or am I on a different planet than most….