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Mark Reeves

I love this and have set up one up already for a current client. I’m going to manage all of these in 1 GitHub Repository and use our GitHub Pages organization account to push updates.

A few observations after reading the other comments:

* This is a great example based on an “open” project. I’m curious about your inclusion of blog posts, too. Were those something the client considered part of the project? Would you do that with other clients?

* Would you always include your contracts here? I typically stress to clients that contracts & money talk stay out of project spaces where the rest of the team operate. I like recording the contract milestones, but would probably not link to files.

* Do you ever expand these beyond a timeline? Or do all resource links fall into recorded timeline events? We’re using Trello boards to track tasks, progress and communication on a more granular level. If the Project Hub is the one-stop shop for all project details, where do you link to other tools? If there’s not a top-level “resources” section, one possibility is to just link to them on the date they’re released. How have you handled those?

Thanks for sharing, Brad!