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24 ways to impress your friends

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Christian Krammer

Basically a good introduction to hover effects. However there are two issues in my eyes:

1. In chapter 3 you have this avatar image and a hover reveals a bio. But as we all know, you shouldn’t hide content from “mobile” (read “no hover”) users – but that’s exactly what you are doing here. That’s also the reason why I often think twice if I add a hover effect to anything. Because what’s it worth, if mobile users – a share steadily growing – can’t see it? And often making a good hover effect can be quite some work.

2. You suggest a solution where the user can choose between touch and hover, but that’s a choice you shouldn’t pass on to the users; some may even not know, what that is about. In my eyes a site should “just work” – and that’s an option that makes things way to complicated for users.