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24 ways to impress your friends

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Paul d'Aoust

Thanks for this article — I’ve always been somewhat scared of that mysterious miasma called ‘accessibility’, and dubious of the business case (even after I had a nice chat with a customer of one of my clients who is completely blind) but you showed that (a) it doesn’t need to be so hard, and (b) it’s not just the seriously disabled but also the mildly disabled (and non-disabled) who will benefit. I don’t have any ‘disabilities’ but I do know that some sites are easier to read than others, by virtue of their simplicity.

(Amazon, on the other hand, is really hard to look at — I agree with a previous commenter who used them as an example of why accessibility is hard to judge :-)

Thanks also for links to those two tools — it’ll make it much easier to do a quick accessibility check for future sites.