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24 ways to impress your friends

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Simon Dell

May I say something about your first “excuse” – “PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES DON’T REALLY USE THE WEB”. Not only is “disability” a grey area (as you very clearly describe), the assertion is also untrue.

Anecdotally: I’m registered partially-sighted – I use the web every day to learn, communicate and shop. My partner is deaf; she uses the web for more tasks, and more often than I do. I’m certain we are not alone in finding a degree of liberation and empowerment through online resources. The web is incredibly EN-abling, when used well and when the tools it provides are well thought through.

You touch on this point with your 3rd excuse – that making sites and apps more accessible can increase revenue. This is the proof of my point: disabled people can, do and want to use the internet.

(Why is a partially sighted person reading 24 Ways? I’m also a front-end developer and I spent several years championing accessibility.)