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Aaron Bassett

Git was written by kernel developers for kernel development

[Citation needed]

Yes, it was written by developers who were also developing the Linux Kernel, so a key need was that Git could handle large projects. But it was not built “for kernel development”.

Git is not something that we have co-opted or shoe-horned into web development. It was developed from the beginning to work with a variety of software projects. I feel that attempting to link it in this way to a big “scary” project like Linux kernel development makes Git appear more complicated than it actually is and leads to thinking like Chris Gaskell’s;

Developers are naturally wary of GIT

You don’t speak for all developers…what exactly is there to be wary of? There is a reason most tutorials focus on the “the five most popular Git commands”, this should be all a developer needs to begin using Git in a basic form. The number of otherwise exceptionally smart developers I’ve spoken to who have avoided Git because they think it is too difficult or complicated is absurd.

We need to stop building Git up to be some Goliath sized beast. It IS a tool, and a really rather simple one at that.