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24 ways to impress your friends

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Nice tutorial! I’ll probably use that in the future but one thing doesn’t half get my goat. That is; “Sites don’t need to look the same in every browser” I hate reading that, but not from a web designer’s perspective. (I understand the logic of the statement) From a client’s perspective it sounds like a cosmic sized cop-out.

Imagine buying The Dark Knight on DVD and watching it in all it’s glory on your 50” Sony LCD telly and then taking it over to your mates house, putting it on his 37” Samsung TV and seeing that the Joker is no longer Heath Ledger but someone who resembles Jeremy Kyle. The performance is the same but the character doesn’t have the same visual presence.

Imagine, then, going to the manufacturer and saying “The Joker is totally different on my mates TV compared to how he is on mine!” only to have them come back with “The film doesn’t need to look the same on all TVs”

Obviously the two media can’t be compared that way but to most clients, that’s exactly how it will come off. You could squirm and throw jargon at them or you could give them an image based button and stay on their christmas card list. I know which one I’d rather do.

Of course this only applies to client work. In the spirit of “impressing your friends” and pushing the boundaries of CSS then it’s all jolly good.

Merry Christmas to all at 24ways!