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24 ways to impress your friends

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Jon Tan

Jeff, Prisca, Vivien, Patrick, Vasily, Matijs, Elliot, André, Andi, Johns: Thanks for all the kind words, guys; I very much appreciate them.

Andrew: An image replacement wouldn’t be near as much fun. :) In some ways, the folly is just an extension of the very real-world and useful h1 at Happy Cog , which breaks up the copy into logical chunks. This example is just an extreme version, evolved from one I did in 2006.

Steve: You could say that Grow has been assimilated into the OmniTI borg – much of what we were is being ported there.

Frankie: Classes would make it the HTML even more awkward than it already is. You could use sequential elements with adjacent sibling selectors if they had full historical support. In fact, child selectors could also be useful, too. Descendant selectors require nesting.

Chris: Typography is about legibility, but not always. This is one of those times.