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24 ways to impress your friends

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Ron van den Boogaard

There are various comparable solutions floating around. This reminds me most of Blueprint, which sports 24 columns. Both feel like they take a print-based appraoch.
I do have a preference for Yahoo Grids in this respect. By using percentages rather than absolute widths it feels more webbased and allows for greater flexibility and elasticity. The trade-off lies in the fact that this requires a slightly more complicated mark-up.

Semantically all of the solutions I have seen are disappointing. There also I favor the more neutral mark-up of Yahoo Grids (e.g. yui-b yui-g) to lay-out describing class-nemes indicating a position (e.g. left and right). The obvious solution is to choose names that give an indication of the type of content that goes into a certain container. But that defeats the purpose of a grid based lay-out and would prevent the carry-over of the template from one project to the next.