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Chris Beaven

I believe its up to Us, the designers and developers, to move forward. Yeah, IE is a worthless pile of garbage and everyone is lazy enough to let that garbage keep the community behind. But think about this, I work on a web application built close to 2001 and its nothing but tables. I wish the programmer had the fore site to use CSS for all its worth. Now the project is so far along and we have so many clients using the current version that its nearly impossible to change its structure to even include a ‘ul’.

Every personal project I work on now will implement current standards in css and html, and I will just plug-in legacy support for crappy browsers. Because when the time comes to stop supporting IE6 and 7, it will be much easier if all I have to do is delete a file.

I may even work on restructuring WordPress to use nothing but CSS tables.

Stop whining and break out your IE conditional comments, because not moving forward is just like supporting IE and old standards.