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John Faulds

“That sounds like a limitation of the tool you’re using then, John. The spec doesn’t require a type to be set. In fact, adr, tel and email all have default types which should be implied if no type is specified (if I’m reading it correctly).”

The tool I’m using is the Operator extension for Firefox. It gives you the options of exporting contacts to Windows Contacts or Yahoo Contacts or opening a map in Google, Yahoo or MapQuest. Exporting to either of the two contacts options leaves the address fields blank; exporting to any of the maps apps returns the address.

So which is incorrect – the markup or Windows/Yahoo’s implementation?

I took the cue for adding a type class to the address yesterday after downloading Oomph – – which is used to reveal Microformats info on pages. They use the type class and the address detalis show up when exporting a contact.

Whether it’s part of the spec or not, I think it’s worth mentioning that this seems to be what’s required to enable this functionality.