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24 ways to impress your friends

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Great article! I know how I’m gonna do with my site which I’m going to build. However, since it’s my personal site, it will not always be possible to do like this when your working for a client, or in a web development company.

1. I will present a splash page for IE6 users (perhaps IE7 as well) which shows up at the first time a visitor accesses the site saying something like this:

Your web browser, Internet Explorer 6, does not follow the XHTML standard, which is used to display web pages properly. This means that the site will look strange. In order to give you the most pleasant layout, please consider using another web browser, i.e. Firefox, not only to enhance the experience on this site, but on all sites. However, you may proceed if you want to, but the site will look fragmented and strange. [Link to] [Link to proceed]

2. I will have a red cross at the bottom of the page. Next to it it will say something like:

[x] Your browser is not fully compatible with [site name].

You can also click on it to display something similar to the splash screen.