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I still develop and test for IE6, I don’t really have much choice like most people still but I think my new year resolution may be to start phasing it out and charging extra for exact layout matching.

One of the things worth noting is that most new computers come with Vista these days and IE7 is the default on that so it’s being phased out in that way as well as whatever other measures people take when building sites to “educate” visitors there are alternatives.

I’ll throw in another possible option which I mangled together using a stylesheet switcher from ALA and conditional CSS and that allows me to show an upgrade notice but allow the visitor to dismiss it if they can’t or don’t want to upgrade from IE6. You can find the instructions and relevant files zip on my site here if you want to check it out:

Also, thanks to Malarkey for the contract snippet, I’m definitely going to be using that in future!